Start up Loan


  • Aged Between 18 and 30?
  • Living in England?
  • Wondering what it woud be like to run your own business?
  • Not sure about working for someone else?
  • Want to take control of your future?
  • Keen to have someone help you create a business?
  • Ready for the real world of business?

What is the Startup Loans Programme?

The Startup Loans programme is a 112m government backed programme led by Lord Young (Enterprise Advisor to David Cameron) and James Caan (Chairman of Startup Loans Company).

The aim is to stimulate more business start-ups by 18-30 year olds by providing a cash injection of 2500 by means of a loan and mentoring to support the entrepreneur and business.

How does the Rockstar Youth Programme Work?

Rockstar Youth have developed a robust process based on the experience they have in delivering incubators, mentoring and investments. The process has 3 straightforward steps:

Step 1: Apply Online

Complete the online application form by answering 4 simple questions and select one of the open incubator dates

Step 2: Attend Incubator

The incubator is a full day event where you will work with facilitators and mentors on aspects of your business and loan application. At this stage your loan application will be processed and you will receive either the loan approval or a set of recommendations on what needs to be completed before bringing application back for approval

Step 3: Mentoring

Rockstar Group the parent company to Rockstar Youth is the UKs leading private mentoring and investment portal. The Rockstar mentors all have successfully started, scaled and sold businesses for in excess on 20m.

As a part of the ongoing commitment to supporting the development of your business you will have monthly mentoring sessions with Rockstar mentors